Denisons of Toronto Family Tree

Welcome to the family tree of the Denisons of Toronto.

This family tree is based on records I inherited from John Hamilton Martin in the early 1990's.

To see the family tree please select a letter corrosponding to the first letter of a last name you're interested in. From that page, please select the the name of the individual you're interested in to see their tree.

Please help me keep this web site up-to-date. Please email me with updates. We'd like to know the following about everyone in the tree.

Although the Denison family data base will be updated with the information, it will be published following the privacy policy below. If you'd like to know what data we have about you or your family that is not being published, please contact me at denisonfamily*at* Please replace the "*at*" with a "@". I do this to reduce spam at the account.

If you have any comments or concerns about the information published on this tree please contact me at the e-mail address below or fill in the Guestbook. Please note that information in the guest book is not secured and can be viewed by others. To see the guestbook please click here.

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Privacy policy.

This site shows the family tree of the Denison Family of Toronto. The tree shows the descendents of Capt John Denison, their spouses and, (where known) their spouses parents. More detail on other families is also shown when that data was already present or provided in an easy to integrate form. The policy for publishing information is as follows:

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